Huwebes, Agosto 8, 2013

Bail Bonds: Things you Need to Know

In case you have been caught shoplifting for example, you are arrested. Then, the judge will set a bail. This is basically an amount of money that needs to be offered as a “guarantee” that if you are let out you will return for the court hearings. 
bondsman san antonio In case you will not show up for the hearings when they are scheduled, the bail money is lost…Either way, if a bail such as $10,000 has been set for you, the family probably cannot afford to offer that as a guarantee. This is where a San Antonio bail bondsman comes in…

You, or one of your family members must look for a highly reputable bail bond company San Antonio. The experts here will ensure to write the check with the bail amount, and present it to court. This is typically an assurance that you will show up for the court hearings. If you will not show up for the hearings, the court has the right to cash in the bail amount.
bail bondsman san antonio So when your family member contacts the respective bail bond company, he/she will need to pay the bond fee. Typically, this fee can be anything between 7% and up to 20% of the overall bail amount. 

For example, if the bail is set by the court at $10,000 and the agency charges 10% as a fee, your family member will have to pay upfront the $1,000. Then, the legal representative writes a check, presents it to court as a guarantee, and your loved one is released out of jail. 
bail bond agency san antonio  
It might sound complicated, and the bail issue is indeed complex if you do not have someone to help you. The greatest majority of the bails are set too high for the average families to be able to pay them. This is why they hire bail bonds San Antonio specialists for fast solutions!